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Supercritical fluid technology



Supercritical fluid technologies (SCFT) - is an innovative branch of chemical technology and chemical engineeringgreen technologies, technologies ofsustainability.

Due to their effectiveness and harmlessness the mission of supercritics is to replace out-of-date technologies of chemical factories, which use toxic and dangerously explosive reagents.

Unfortunately, till recently Ukraine (as all NIS countries) remained aside from these processes. What was the reason?

Having visited some international industrial exhibition and research conferences and analysed the information gained we clarified the following:

- The generally accepted opinion is that the equipment for supercritical fluid technologies is extremely expensive and not affordable for domestic producers. It is a mistake. Ingineering and industry potential of some countries allows to produce similar equipment for fully acceptable prices.

- The development of supercritical fluid technologies is hindered by the lack of appropriate professionals. The problem can be solved by organization of creative teams that would unite, on the one part, the experts in chemical technology, knowing the pecularities of raw materials and products produced and, on the other part, the chemical engineers designing original equipment.

- Naturally, a necessary constituent of implementing high technologies is the attraction of financial resources.  

So, let us introduce to you "Ecobioton" LLC.

Ecobioton" LLC is occupied in the development and promotion to the world market of green technologies, in particular, supercritical fluid technologies, as well as natural ingredients for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries that are produced with the technology of supercritical fluid extraction of plant raw material by carbon dioxide (CO2).

One of the additional tasks, which supercritical technologies allow to solve is the production of various materials in the form of micro- and nanoparticles via the technology of supercritical micronization and nanodispersion. At that application supercritical fluid technologies belong to nanotechnologies.

Among our products there are natural carotenoids (mixed carotenoids from the microalga Dunaliella salina, β-carotene and lycopene from the fungus Blakeslea trispora, astaxanthin from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis), supercritical extracts of essential oils and other valuable constituents from aromatic and medicinal plants. Supercritical extracts do not contain organic solvents admixtures and are truly natural.

"Ecobioton" LLC proposes the following service:

- Experimental supercritical fluid extraction of the raw material you are interested in with the equipment of "Ecobioton" LLC at your presence, express analysis of products obtained in our laboratory, ordering the detailed analysis and official certificate in accredited laboratories, which we have well arranged cooperation with.

- Recomendations on optimization of the technology of supercritical fluid extraction of your raw material and optimal specification of your future supercritical device.

- Selection of supercritical fluid extraction device of necessary specification produced in Korea and China with optimal ratio of price and quality, organization and full acompaniment of supply.


- Design, production of parts and assembly of a supercritical extraction device in Ukraine.

- Teaching your personnel operation and technical maintaining of your device.

Our company cooperates with number of industrial and research centres in China, Korea and Ukraine.

You can visit our experimental supercritical extraction production facility in to watch the supercritical fluid CO2 extraction device (made in China) working.


Condenser                     Chiller                           Flowmeter

Pilot device for reserch and education (produced in China)


2 extractors (5 and 1 L), 2 separators (2 L each)

Distillation column (4 sections of temperature control), in the background - basket for charging raw material into extractor

High pressure CO2 pump (3 plungers)

  Temperature control system of 
  extractors and separators 

  Entrainer pump (2 plungers)

  Control board

  COvessels ramp


Industrial scale extraction and fractionation device (produced in China)

         Supercritical fluid is a peculiar state of a substance being under the certain pressure and heated to the certain temperature, higher than so called critical ones, when the substance possesses penetrating ability of gases and dissolving ability of fluids. By regulating just 2 parameters - pressure and temperature - it is possible to achieve selective dissolving or, on the contrary, selective precipitation of pure substances including natural ones, when necessary in the form of micro- and nanoparticles, or microcapsules, covered with natural polymers. The supercritics technology allowes to perform purification, microcovering, painting or deep impregnation of various materials, synthesis of polymers with unique characteristics, manufacturing new kinds of fuel, recirculation of waste, including nuclear fuel waste.

        Most often in such technologies water and carbon dioxide (CO2) are used.

It is widely accepted that financial crisis recurs periodically in the world market economics at the periods of overproduction of goods, related to the technology, which evoked the previous rise of the economics, and crisis overcoming occurs with the new technological burst. The main technology of the last economical rise was microelectronics and computer technics. Candidates for a new technological burst are the technologies of "green chemistry" - supercritical fluid technologies (SFT).




Similarity of SFT to computer technologies expresses as follws:

1.       Miniaturity at high productivity - the device occupying 2x2 m can replace a small plant situated at the area no less than 20x30 m.


2.       Variability (up to universality) of applications: from food industry, pharmacy and dry-cleaning to space technics, energetics and nanotechnologies.


3.       Modular principle, which allows on the basical construction various variants of assembly depending on purpose.


4.       The main application for today - food industry and pharmacy - has the most high consumption. 

Industrial extraction and fractionation device (produced in China, 4 extractors, 50 L each)


Industrial extraction and fractionation device (produced in China, 2 extractors, 24 L each)


Back view of the device (produced in China)

Sensor control panel of the SFE device (produced in China)

Today's relevance of supercritical fluid technologies is dependent on the following factors:


1.      Products do not contain solvent admixtures and other chemical reagents, as the supercritical fluid replaces solvents and allows to get rid of any technological admixture completely.


Present day human generation was born in the epoch of chemical technologies triumph, which most likely is responsible for spreading of various severe diseases, and in the first place, oncological ones, that we can observe in all the countries.

2.     SFT manufacture does not use water for technological process, does not produce industrial waste water, does not require water treatment and water purification facilities.


3.     SFT manufacture does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, on the contrary, CO2 capturing in the technological process will reduce CO2 content in the atmosphere making contribution into greenhouse effect reduction.


4.     SFT equipment has low operational costs, as the fluid moves in the closed circuit with minimal losses and does not require additional regeneration.


5.      СО2  is cheap,  available, inert and non-toxic reagent.


        At the present time the main interest of our company is concentrated on the extraction of biologically active compounds from plant raw material with supercritical CO2.  Understanding the necessity of wide implementation of supercritical technologies into various areas where toxic and dangerous reagents are used now, in future prospect we are going to take part in that process.

Equipment for large scale extraction (produced in Korea)

Contact:    e-mail: ecobioton@gmail.com

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