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Raw materials and supercritical extracts


        "Ecobioton" LLC is supplying supercritical extracts from various plant raw materials and providing toll extraction service of raw materials provided by customers.

        Supercritical fluid CO
2 extraction allows to obtain total supercritical extracts of plant materials (oleoresines) and to isolate separate compounds in their individual form as well. Total supercritical extracts posess more rich composition of natural ingredients comparing to oleoresines produced with the use of organic solvents and do not contain foreign admixtures.

        Mostly, supercritical CO
2 extracts nonpolar and slightly polar substancies. More complete extraction of low molecular weight polar compounds can be reached by using co-solvents. In manufacturing ingredients for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and parfumery industries ethanol is a co-solvent of choice due to its natural origing and recognition GRAS (generally recognized as safe) solvent. Co-solvent consumption in supercritical fluid CO2 extraction devices is much less than at the traditional use of ethanol as an extragent. Supercritical fluid devices can also provide co-solvent regeneration.

        High molecular weight compounds (polysaccharides, proteins) are not soluble in supercritical CO
2, but they can be purified from low molecular weight admixtures by treatment in supercritical extractor.

        Supercritical fluid extraction technology allows to obtain all extracts and ingredients as the traditional technologies, but of higher quality and predictable composition.

        We propose both total and selective supercritical extracts of the raw materials listed in downloadable files below. If you can not find the desired plant extract in our lists you may provide raw material and order contract extraction service from our company.


Item Raw material Formulation Use Price
Biomass of the alga Dunaliella salina Natural salt lakes brine Dry powder with beta-carotene content 6-12% Biologically active supplement, as an active ingredient, source for beta-carotene extraction for food and cosmetics industry, fodder for livestock and aquaculture  Negotiable
Beta-carotene natural oil soluble Biomass of the fungus Blakeslea trispora 30% suspension of crystals in sunflower oil

Food and cosmetics industry, as an active ingredient (provitamin A, antioxidant) and yellow-orange colour, in products lipophilic phase predominates in

Astaxanthin natural oil soluble Biomass of the alga Haematococcus pluvialis 20% concentrate in oil

Biologically active supplements, as an active ingredient (the most powerful among known natural antioxidants)

Squalene Amaranthus seed 20% concentrate in amaranthus oil Cosmetics industry, biologically active supplements, as an active ingredient Negotiable
Natural vanillin (CO2 vanilla extract) Vanilla planifolia fruit 12-95% Food industry Negotiable

Plant extracts lists:

Cream with lycopene

Sunscreen cream
with lycopene on the basis of
selective supercritical extract of
cultivated microscopic fungus
Blakeslea trispora
Species list (English and Latin plant names) - Fruits, Herbs and Leaves
Species list (English and Latin plant names) - Roots and Rhizomes, Barks, Flowers, Others
Special offer for food industry - Spices and Seeds, Dried Vegetables and Fruits, Herbs

Useful information

Sample business plan for supercritical extract manufacturing (coming soon)

       There is given the calculation algorythm for business plan of supercritical extract manufacturing on the example of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extract. 
 Manufacturing of natural b-carotene from the alga Dunaliella salina on the base of salt lakes of the South of Ukraine - "Betacar" LLC presentation

         The idea to produce natural β-carotene and other carotenoids from microalga  Dunaliella salina, causing red "bloom" of salt lakes, first in the world was proposed in 1959 in the publications of Ukrainian researchers (V.P. Vendt, I.G. Drokova, N.P. Massjuk, Ju.F. Geleskul). Our investigations of salt lakes and salterns of Crimea and Kherson region of Ukraine (Sivash, Sasyk, Sakskoe, Genicheskoe and many others), as well of Astrachan region of Russia (Elton, Baskunchak) showed, that the resources of the microalga Dunaliella salina in Ukraine and Russia are very rich and easily renewable.

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